Latest additions. New species on site and better images of species already listed.

HELP NEEDED! Any feedback on species not named, and corrections to my mistakes, would be greatly appreciated.

The locations given are where I have found these species but this does not imply that these are the only places
on the coast that they can be found.


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November - A third consecutive La Nina has been confirmed, more rain, more floods. Strong prevailing
north winds make conditions difficult at Hastings Point.

Lovellona atramentosa - Hastings Point - New

Chiton translucens - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Species? - Hastings Point - New

Cominella eburnea - Hastings Point - New Images

Ophiarachna incrassata - Hastings Pt - New Images

Species? - Hastings Point - New images

Pseudoceros cruentus - Hastings Point - New Images

Haliotis coccoradiata - Hastings Point - New images

Conus capitaneus - Hastings Point - New images

September - Only a few finds on the beach, and still no diving. Spring is here so hopefully I can get back into the
water at Hastings Point as the river here is still not worth a dive. The forecast of another La Nina is not encouraging

Glossocephalus milneedwardsi - Brunswick River - New images

Oxycephalus sp - Brunswick Beach - New images

Oxycephalus piscator - Brunswick Beach - New

Haloa cobbi - Hastings Point - Newly named

Eunice sp - On flotsam, Brunswick Beach - New

Eunice sp - On driftwood, Brunswick Beach - New

Viaderiana incerta? - Hastings Pt - Identified

Turridrupa albofasciata - Hastings Point - Identified

Clavus unizonalis - Hastings Point - Identified

Clavus exasperatus? - Hastings Point - Identified

May - Still no diving as rain periods since the floods have kept the water dirty. Continuing onshore winds that
normally provide interesting beach finds are producing nothing, so no new images. Not a great year so far. I have
added a couple of old finds that I had not previously included, and spent a lot of time on the net in an effort
to put ID's on some species, even attempting to name a few Crinoids. Thank you to Audrey Falconer, and the Marine
Research Group of Victoria, who have uploaded files on South East Australian species. These have been very helpful
as some of these species extend to this area.

As always, any corrections to my mistakes are appreciated.

Chaenostoma crassimanus? - Hastings Pt - Identified

Seila atkinsoni - Brunswick River - Identified

Cystiscus alternans - Hastings Point - Identified

Australostichopus mollis - Brunswick R. & Hastings Pt - Identified

Cladolabes sp - Brunswick River - New

Thysanozoon brocchii - Brunswick River - Identified

Cirratulidae - Brunswick River - New

Thormora argus - Brunswick R & Hastings Pt - Identified

Paralepidonotus ampulliferus ? - Brunswick River - Identified

Lepidonotus clava - On pumice, Brunswick beach - Identified

Quasilineus lucidoculatus - Brunswick River - Identified

Lineus bilineatus - Brunswick River - Identified

Notospermus geniculatus - Hastings Pt - Identified

Baseodiscus delineatus - Hastings Pt - Identified

Prosadenoporus mooreae - Seagull Rocks - Identified

Prosadenoporus winsori? - Brunswick River - New

Comanthus gisleni - Gold Coast Seaway - Identified

Clarkcomanthus mirabilis - Gold Coast Seaway - Identified

April - After very heavy rain and record floods along the east coast, the Brunswick River is basically dead
and it will be quite some time before diving would be worth the effort, with a wetter than normal Autumn forecast.
The water quality on the coast is still poor so diving at Hastings Point is on hold, as that area also was subject
to massive rains. All I can show for the last couple of months are two newly named species of Murphydoris and
a few crustaceans that I had not previously uploaded. Any corrections to my attempted ID's would be welcomed.

Murphydoris adusta - Hastings Point - Newly named

Murphydoris cobbi - Gold Coast Seaway - Newly named

Cuapetes seychellensis? - Brunswick River - New

Pilumnidae? - Brunswick Beach - New

Pilumnus sp? - Brunswick Beach - New

Pilumnidae? - Seagull Rocks - New

Hypocolpus pararugosus? - Hastings Point - Identified?

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Palaemonetes atrinubes? - Brunswick River - New

Alpheus edamensis? - Hastings Point - New

January - La Nina is well underway and the river is a drain. Frequent rain, strong onshore winds and big
seas have made diving at Hastings Point difficult. Beach-combing not very productive either

Ceradocus sp - Brunswick Beach - New

Urohaustorius sp? - Ocean Shores - New

Urohaustorius sp? - Ocean Shores - New

Stimdromia lateralis - Hastings Point - New images

Species? - Brunswick Beach - New

Ischnochiton sp? - Hastings Point - New

Schizoporella errata - Brunswick River - Identified

Knoutsodonta maugeansis - Hastings Point - New

Branchiomma sp - Brunswick River - New

Branchiomma sp - Brunswick River - New

Megalomma sp - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New

Species? - Brunswick River - New








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